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Oh my god. These people are SO full of shit. It's really amazing to see people literally talking right out of their assholes. Funny how that worked out, isn't it? What I don't get is why you would consider it wrong to judge someone based on their skin color or religion (yeah, the second one IS a choice, so that'd be a real poor argument) but perfectly fine...no, exceptional, to consider yourself lofty enough to judge everything else.

Extremely self-indulgent.

If you assume I'm talking to you, you're only MORE self-indulgent for it.

So, I'm going to nurse my SEVERE WHIPLASH from my SECOND CAR ACCIDENT in TWO WEEKS...and cry. For hours. Maybe days.

I got so mad at him...and I still kind of am, but I can't figure out why and now I feel all awkward...I'm worried. What lies ahead?

I need to clean out my ca- oh that's right...I don't have one.

I am in so much pain.

I'd ask "why me?", but I'm afraid people would answer.

I'll bet 50 mgs will take care of this...and make me gain even MORE WEIGHT.

Man...I am dark.
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