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1 Full name: Shannon Marie Jackson
2 Date and place of birth: 1/9/84 Oregon City
3 Height: 5'3
4 Colour of eyes: Hazel
5 Family: Yes
6 Status: Taken
7 Pets: Dog and bird
8 Distinguishing marks: Uh...my face?
9 Favourite pop band: Dave Matthews Band
10 Favourite band with instruments: *see above
11 Favourite song: Could You Be Loved
12 What was the first poster you put on your wall? Oasis
13 First memory: My brother talking to me
14 First record you bought: Dunno
15 Favourite cartoon character: Jay Sherman
16 Favourite catchphrase: Something from Bad Santa
17 Teacher you had a crush on: Lance Cablk
18 Favourite body part: Ass
19 Favourite part of the opposite sex: Lips
20 What disappoints you most about the opposite sex? The inability to talk about the real issues or give a straight answer
21 If you could pass a new law what would it be? Legalize marijuana
22 Were you cool at school? Doubtful
23 Most snogs in one night: I wondered about this survey...probably 5 or 6
24 What makes you laugh? Family Guy
25 What makes you cry? My weight
26 Favourite pizza topping: Mushrooms
27 Favourite sandwich filling: Roast beef
28 Secret ambition: To be on elimidate
29 Ever broken the law? All the time
30 Whats the most youve spent on an item of clothing? $150
31 Who could you have in a fight? A baby
32 What would you ban? People
33 Whats your idea of happiness? Freedom
34 Greatest fear: Carnies
35 Greatest extravagance: I don't think I understand
36 How would you like to die? While I'm trying to kill someone else
37 What is your motto? "Tomorrow's another day"
38 Favourite journey: Disneyland
39 Who is the love of your life? My dog
40 What would you change about yourself? A lot of things
41 What qualities do you most value in a friend? Money
42 If you could come back from the dead what would you be? A weird ghost
43 Whats under your bed? A bunch of crap...probably stuff I'm looking for
44 Most treasured possession(s): My dog
45 Quote a line of poetry: Roses are red
46 Do you own patterned socks? Yes
47 Do you believe in aliens? No
48 Are you a driver or a map-reader? I hate both
49 What are you obsessed with? Sleeping
50 Favourite smell: Incense
52 Favourite breed of dog: I don't discriminate
53 Whats the last thing you laughed at? Family Guy
54 Favourite mountain range: Whatever
55 Colour of curtains: Whatever
56 When did you last cry? Last night
57 I've always wanted to: Kick ass
58 Last thing I cooked was: Toast?
59 Fave word beginning with Q: Quagmire
60 Least favourite group: Group? Uh...the neo nazis
61 Number of school detentions: I had a ton
62 What do you think about most often? Sex
63 What book are you reading? Fast Food Nation...for class
64 Whats the best present youve ever been given? My car or my dog or tickets to several cool things or my life or...yeah...my parents rule
65 What would you die if anyone knew? What would I die? I don't get that
66 Favourite expression: "I'm an eating, drinking, shitting, fucking Santa Claus."
67 Least fave household chore: Cleaning my room
68 What colour underwear are you wearing? No underwear
69 What shampoo do you use? Whatever
70 Favourite sweet: Chocolate cake
71 If curiosity killed the cat, what happened to the dog? It was awesome, because dogs are awesome
72 Favourite Disney film: Beauty and the Beast
73 Favourite place: Jon's house when it's empty
74 Whats the best advice youve ever been given? "suck it up"
75 Favourite thing about where you live: Scenery
76 Favourite movie: Bad Santa
77 Favourite film star: Billy Bob Thorton
78 Male or female company? Both
79 What sport are you best at? Is smoking a sport?
80 Whats the best room in your house? Family room
82 What are the worst lyrics youve ever heard? "The blind man's penis is erect because he's blind"
83 Who is your hero? Mom
84 Nickname: shan
85 Star sign: capricorn
86 Favourite colour: Fuschia
87 In trouble at school for: Not showing up
88 Turn-ons: Sense of humor
89 Favourite sport to watch: Porn
90 Favourite sport to play: Porn
91 Worst moment at school: Most of them
92 Favourite possession: Still my dog
93 Best moment at school: Few
94 Favourite solo artist: Stevie Wonder
95 Worst subject at school: Most
96 Where do you buy your clothes? Stores
97 What was the latest message you sent? "Thanks"
98 Who is your best friend? Amanda
99 What kind of food do you like? Junk
100 Favourite holiday destination: Whatever
101 What is your favourite drink? Mt Dew
102 how do you relax? Sew, smoke, read, watch TV
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